Round Brush

The Big Brute Round Brush comes as part of the Floor, Wall and Ceiling Toolkits.

Use the soft, but firm, bristles of the Big Brute Round Brush to clean out crevices.

Ideal for walls, sills, racking and on and around machinery.

The bristles help dislodge dirt and dust before instantly sucking it away, without stirring dust up into the air.

Connect up to an optional V26 Metal Crank or a V27 Metal Tube (or both) to give you a longer reach to clean higher up or under machinery more easily.

Don't forget you'll need a V25 Adaptor to attach the round brush, or Metal Tubes or Crank, to the end of the Big Brute hose.

152mm diameter.

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£39.00 (ex VAT)

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